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Get the insights you need at the speed your business demands, with AI-moderated interviews.

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Let AI moderate the interview for you – without you there.

Conduct 1000 interviews at once, in any language. Our AI interviewer engages participants in rich discussions and probes deeper to get the ‘why’ behind answers.

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Consider the following statement: “Saves you time by only needing to be cleaned once a month!” How does that make you feel? What's the first thing you think of?


Wow, I love that! I've been looking for a product that can do that for me.


Outset Interviewer

Let AI synthesize & analyze your findings.

Throughout a research project, our AI engine analyzes transcripts for you. Get summaries, extract and count themes, and highlight powerful verbatims to tell your story.

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Get Deep. Fast.

When you need answers quickly, leverage the speed and reach of an AI-moderated interview. Get hundreds of in-depth conversations in less than a day.


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Watch AI dig deep and pull out results

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Designed to power a range of qualitative methods

In-depth interviews
Concept testing
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Brand equity research
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